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Please note: we also display sometimes display an ebay store product feed on this website, and it may have the exact same products as those above, but these you will not be able to collect affiliate payments on. This is because we are not able to track who you refer to our ebay store. The affiliate tracking only works if they buy from this website. 

Let's get started:

1. On the popup creator page, enable the "Earn Money" button:

2. If you don't have a Paypal account, sign up for FREE here: PayPal . We use Paypal to pay you monthly, so you will need an account with them to get paid. It's quick and simple to sign up.


3. Sign up as an affiliate HERE: We proudly use E-junkie to administer our affiliate sales.


4. Once you sign up, login into your admin section, which will look like this:


5. Select "Get Affiliate Code".


6. Then select any product on the next screen.  You can choose any of them, for once one is chosen then all products will automatically be activated. Click "Get Affiliate Code".


7. Next, select the code from this page (please look at picture carefully to make sure you select the right part of the code).

Your code should look like the code in blue below
(you will have different numbers, but should be similar otherwise) -

Here's a close up of the above picture. Select the code that I have highlighted in red below:

8. Insert this code into the "Affiliate Link" space on the popup set up page:




9. Generate your popup, and now whenever someone lands on our site as a result of clicking the hyperlink in your popup, you will earn 50% commission on all sales of websites and any other internet marketing related products we advertise on our site!

Finished! That's all there's to it. This may seem like a lot of steps, but it's really pretty simple once you do it. Thanks for helping to spread the word about this useful, free service! 

More Information about the affiliate program:

Once a visitor arrives as a result of clicking the link inside your popup, they will marked as "your" visitor, set by a cookie, and you will earn a 50% commission on the above mentioned quality products.

Since all the above mentioned products we promote are internet marketing related, the people you refer will be a very targeted visitor! This increases your chances of making some cash off of us.

You will be sent an email for each sale originating from your affiliate link. Each month's earnings will be paid via PayPal within 15 days of month end. 


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