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Question: How do I get those cool looking popups, not just the regular blue and white one?

Answer: Click the "cool popup" button. Then you'll be able to select from over a dozen cool themes for your popup that we've custom designed for you!

Question: Why is it that when I click the question marks, nothing happens?

Answer: Your popup blocker is blocking the popup window that displays the help answers. Just disable your popup blocker for our website. (note: this a different type of popup! Our Free Popup Ad Creator creates a whole different type of popup! No worries about it being blocked because it cannot be! )

Question: The text runs over into the image, what can I do?

Answer: Put a <br> tag into the text box where you typed your text in, to break up the lines. This will cause your text to start on a new line and should help with formatting. Also, you can use the <center> tag to center your text. 

Question: Why do I get a strange "image missing" at the top right of my popup?

Answer: you probably forgot to save the second image after you generated your popup code. Remember, to display properly, your free pop up needs two images: one of the main pop up window, and the other of the tiny, basically invisible "007.gif" image. You can go and recreate your popup and save it, or you can also click this link and then choose "save as" from the browser menu to save this important part of your popup.

Question: What do I do if my text is too low on the popup in the preview window?

Answer: add a few tags like these: <br> to the BOTTOM of your text to make your text go up. Likewise, if the text is too high in the popup preview window, add some <br> tags to the TOP to make your text move down.

Question: Can I put the javascript code you've generated into a remote directory on my server?

Absolutely! This is an advanced technique for people who are more familiar with html code. This is not required for the code to work, of course. But if you're comfortable with html this is a nice method to "tidy up" your code. Save the outputted popup code in a seperate file, save it as a "js" file, and then reference the code at the top of your webpage like so (or some variation thereof)  <script language="JavaScript" src="YourFoldername/yourPopupFilename.js"></script>

Question: how else can I customize the popup besides the available features?

1.  You can insert an image, by setting that up in the "insert image" under the "appearance" section. Or you can just insert an html reference to an image in the text box. The html would be something like:
<img src ="">
where "" would be your own url and "image.jpg" would be replace with your own image name.

2.  You can make different colors of font. For example, if you wanted red-colored font, you'd insert this into the text box:   <font color=red>This is some red font</font color>

The basic rule is whatever you can do on an html page, you can insert the same code for the same effect into the text box and have the popup get that same effect.

Hope these have helped to answer your questions.

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